Great Things Take Time

A desire for greatness in your life will determine your destiny. Most people have the natural ability to be great. They were born with abilities that are God given and not learned or taught. These abilities are often more important than the ones gained by study and practice.

Natural abilities put to good use can produce greatness of character and quality of life. Greatness is not just doing things but becoming everything you were meant to be. It is about becoming someone great in character and soul.

Becoming a great person should be your first priority. Being busy doing things won’t make you great. You have to decide that you are going to be exceptional in everything you do. This is the beginning of greatness.

Most people live an average life. They do what they have to do but nothing more. They are like cookies in a package. There is no difference in them and all the others.

Greatness is not about being busy doing things and setting unrealistic goals. Busy people have lots of goals but great people have priorities. Being busy often distracts you from living a great life.

Prioritizing means you learn to eliminate everything except the really important stuff in your life.  It is time to make greatness your highest priority.

A busy life will keep you putting off until tomorrow what you should be doing today. There is no better time than this to get started setting priorities and refusing to put things off another day.

All the great things in life like love, fulfilment and relationships require time and patience. You have to work at it. Give it your best and remember nothing great happens in a day. The journey up the mountain of life is long and hard and difficult but God gave you natural abilities to help you climb that mountain. Today is the day to Be Great!