The Gift of Pressure

Success like everything else in life has to have a plan of action that produces it and makes it happen. You cannot be successful staying in your comfort zone. You need pressure to force you to a higher level of living and performance.

This is why you must see pressure as a gift and not a problem.Anything easy produces little in our lives while pressure produces a lot. The mother of performance is pressure. You can dislike it. You can avoid it. You can run from it but you will never escape it.

Pressure calls forth the best in you. Therefore it isn’t something to be avoided but rather to be embraced. One of the greatest examples of embracing pressure is the eagle. When a storm comes, it is the only bird on earth that flies into the storm rather than away from it. The eagle knows that there is going to be great pressure at first from the wind and the turbulence. But then something almost magical happens. This magnificent bird is lifted up by the thermal air currents to a place high above the storm.

Pressure will do the same thing for you. It comes like a storm but once you master the moment, pressure lifts you up to a place where most never go. It causes you to think creatively so you can problem solve on demand. It helps you learn to think on your feet. It encourages you to try harder, win bigger and experience more. It grows you personally, keeps you honest with yourself and teaches you the fine art of engagement with life and people.

Stop running from things that put you under pressure. Learn to deal with it, even get excited about it. Remind yourself pressure is not your enemy. People that have no pressure in their lives are missing a key element for success because without pressure there is no progress.

Diamonds are formed in the deep earth, many miles below the surface. They are the result of carbon under pressure. Great pressure forms the most beautiful and most valued diamonds. Pressure will do the same for you. If there is no pressure there will be no diamonds. You were created to be a diamond. Embrace pressure as your friend because it will build confidence in you. Confidence makes life so much easier at every level.

When you know what you are doing and you can do it under pressure in almost any situation, then you will find life exciting, fulfilling and extremely rewarding.