Finding a Treasure

Millions of people are searching for that person they call Mr. or Ms Right. A unique kind of person that many would describe as a treasure. Unfortunately,  many people waste their lives searching but they find nothing but frustration and disappointment. The question remains, “Why can’t I find this person?”

The way to find that special person  is not by looking for them.  You will find that special person by becoming involved with other people and their lives. This is the key that will open the door of opportunity to finding a real treasure. The world is full of opportunities if you will open up your heart and mind and go on a treasure hunt.

You were born a real treasure but you have to discover your true worth. Focus on your assets and strengths rather than your weaknesses and failures. Live with a grateful heart that wants to give rather than receive. When you do this, you are truly a treasure waiting to be discovered.

You were born a unique, one of a kind person. Live like it. Don’t die a copy of someone else. Life is too precious to waste trying to be like all the other people around you. Be a treasure!

Get rid of the things that make you ordinary and common. Learn to grow in character and love for others while you are waiting for your treasure hunter to find you.  Put all your energies into polishing the diamond you are so that others will see how your shine.