The Gift of Work

Work is a gift from our creator because without it we would spend our lives being lazy and unproductive. Work gives us an opportunity to develop our skills, creativity and passion. Find something you are passionate about and do it with your whole heart.

Then work will become an exciting adventure that will develop you and prepare you for the road ahead. Stop confusing being busy with work. Busy looks like work but it accomplishes little. Busyness is a type of  mental laziness for many that keeps them moving but actually going nowhere. They run from thing to thing telling themselves they are working hard. This gives them a sense of importance but this is an illusion that kills personal growth and success.

When you do anything with your whole heart, you will accomplish many things. Personal success comes from working with passion. Doing anything without passion accomplishes nothing.

Having friends on Facebook, followers on Twitter or business connections on Linkedin is nice but it will not do much to grow your life. These companies will try to convince you that it will but progress and growth is never that easy.

If you go to work to just perform a task, work is not a gift for you.  Success at anything demands diligence and passion.  A willingness to stay with something and finish it. You have to learn to work through, get through and live through almost any problem or difficulty.

Work is a gift to be done with excellence.  Go to work this week with an owner’s attitude. Stop living for Friday afternoon and a paycheck. Be proud of what you do. Do it with your whole heart and see how work is truly a wonderful gift.