“That’s Just Not Me”

Often you hear people say, “that is just not me” when they refuse to take a job someone offers them or they quit a job they already have. There is something that just doesn’t fit their plan of how things should be and they quit or never start.

Life is full of inconvenient and messy things you don’t want to do. There are things you refuse to do and  label as “not me” but it is often the very things you refuse to do that would help you grow. Greatness starts small. The can do attitude must grow and develop in your mind and life. Growth comes from experiencing things at different levels. The easy stuff that you prefer doing will not help you develop and grow your potential.

It is the tenacity and persistence you invest in every task that shapes you. You can do anything if you refuse to quit. You can sharpen your skills anywhere, anytime. Maybe your job or the one you have been offered is not your ideal one. Big deal! Do it anyway. Do it with enthusiasm! It will teach you things that nothing else will. You can improve yourself and mature doing any job.

Most successful people started out in life doing things they didn’t want to do. They were willing to take the challenge and do what others wouldn’t do. This was the key to their success and it is to yours. Be willing and ready to do what others say “no” to.  Your attitude should be, “I can do it and I will do it.”

Change your mindset in order to change your life. Stop telling yourself something is just not you. Open your imagination and take a chance. Consider every job as an opportunity to develop and grow your potential. You are preparing for the next level and this preparation will open  the door when opportunity comes knocking. Become an ‘I can do it person” and you can do anything.