Understanding Your Personality

Why is it so important to understand your personality? Does it really matter? More and more people believe that it does if you want to be successful in life. There are four main personality types. Understanding them will help you discover how to help yourself and others.

These four personality types are: Choleric, Sanguine, Melancholy and Phlegmatic and a blend of each with another of the types. No one is 100% of any of these but everyone has a dominant and sub-dominant personality type. Let’s begin.

Strengths and Weaknesses of a Choleric 
The Extrovert | The Doer | The Optimist

• Born leader
• Dynamic and active
• Loves to change everything
• Must correct wrongs
• Strong-willed and decisive
• Unemotional
• Not easily discouraged
• Independent and self-sufficient
• Shows confidence always
• Can run or organize anything

• Impatient and likes to be the boss
• Gets angry easily
• Cannot relax
• Quick to decide
• Enjoys controversy and arguments
• Does not like to lose at anything
• Comes on too strong for many
• Inflexible
• Not complimentary
• Dislikes emotions
• Is unsympathetic

Strengths and Weaknesses of a Sanguine
The Extrovert | The Talker | The Optimist

• Talkative, storyteller
• Life of the party
• Good sense of humor
• Memory for color
• Emotional and demonstrative
• Enthusiastic and expressive
• Cheerful
• Curious
• Good on stage
• Lives in the present
• Changeable Moods
• Sincere at heart
• Always a child

• Exaggerates everything
• Dwells on unimportant things
• Can’t remember names
• Scares people away
• Too happy for some
• Restless energy
• Egotistical
• Aggressive, compulsive talker
• Naive
• Has loud voice and laugh
• Controlled by circumstances
• Gets angry easily
• Seems phony to some

Strengths and Weaknesses of a Melancholy
The Introvert | The Thinker | The Pessimist

• Serious and purposeful
• Genius prone
• Talented and creative
• Artistic or musical
• Philosophical, analytical, thinker
• Appreciates beauty
• Sensitive to others
• Self-sacrificing
• Everything by the book
• Idealistic

• Enjoys being hurt
• Has false humility
• Off in another world
• Low self-image
• Has selective hearing
• Self-centered
• Introspective, moody and depressed
• Guilt feelings
• Persecution complex
• Anxious about health

Strengths and Weaknesses of a Phlegmatic 
The Introvert | The Watcher | The Pessimist

• Easygoing and relaxed
• Calm, cool and collected
• Does everything at their own pace
• Consistent life
• Quiet but witty
• Sympathetic and kind
• Keeps emotions hidden
• Happy with life

• Fearful and worried
• Indecisive, unenthusiastic
• Avoids responsibility
• Quiet

• Selfish
• Shy, hides thoughts and feelings
• Compromising
• Self-righteous

Understand that no one is one hundred percent one or the other personality type. You have a main personality type and then some part of one of the others that forms who you are. You might be Melancholy-Choleric or some combination of the others. However, one of these four main types of personality rules your life.

The important thing is to know yourself so you can grow yourself and learn to work with others. This is why you need to understand your personality. You will win in life, in marriage, on the job, wherever your road to greatness takes you.