Greatness is Gratefulness

The road to greatness begins with gratefulness. It is expressing thanks to God and people in both words and action. Someone said, “It is gratefulness which makes the soul great, never let the things you want make you forget the things you have.”

A great soul is a grateful soul. It is someone that can express appreciation for what they have and who they have in their life.You cannot achieve greatness without gratefulness. Gratefulness is lavish. It is more than just “thank you” to a few people here and there. It is a deep and powerful expression of gratitude. You give this to God and to people who have helped and blessed you.

You have a desire for greatness in your life. You know you were meant for more but more never comes. Could it be that living for yourself and being happy has meant more to you than being great? A character in a recent television show said, ““Some people are not meant to be happy. They are meant to be great.” You were meant to be great. Happiness comes and goes, greatness is forever.

The road to greatness is like a marathon race. It involves pain and sacrifice to finish. It is not about personal pleasure and happiness. This marathon is not for those who want little or no pain.  These are not ordinary times we are living in and we cannot be ordinary people. It is our time to rise up and run with the best.

Start your road to greatness by being grateful. Let gratefulness be the song of your life. It will cause the  disappointment and failure you sometimes feel to go away. It is impossible to feel these things when you show God and others how grateful you are. You can be happy and great at the same time but it begins with gratefulness.

Start saying thank you and showing gratefulness. When you do this greatness is born. Life takes on wings. You are alive and unstoppable.