Becoming a Superhero

Hollywood has made more money from movies about Superheroes than any other type of film. People have gone to these movies for the past twenty five years by the millions but they were often disappointed.

Young people all over the world have gone to these types of movies because in their lives there aren’t many heroes. They have looked for heroes in their parents, teachers, friends and even strangers but few of them have found any.

It is time to start being a hero in someone’s life. People really need heroes. They need real heroes. Once they meet a real hero the ones in the movies won’t matter much.

To be a hero you have to become someone. Most people never understand this. They think doing something is more important than becoming someone.

Becoming someone special is everything, doing something is what everyone else does. You can choose to just do something in life or to become someone special. Just doing something usually never leads to greatness. Becoming someone is what great people do. Doing things without becoming someone first is usually just wasted time.

Forget the heroes on the movie ¬†screen and start becoming a hero in real life. Be a great employee, employer, father or mother, son or daughter, student, brother or sister. Mariah Carey’s song, Hero, says, “Look inside you and be strong and you’ll finally see the truth that a hero lies in you.”