Big Success with Small Talk

Many people spend years trying to learn to speak English. Sadly, it is often just another disappointment for them. Why do so many never have any real success? The answer is simple: they are afraid of the language.

Fear destroys your confidence and desire to speak. This fear comes from trying to use correct grammar rather than just speaking and doing the best you can. Fluency in the language is not about using the correct grammar but just speaking freely without stopping or hesitation.

What is that secret to speaking English? It is so simple it will amaze you. You learn to speak by getting over your fear of speaking by learning to make “Small Talk”

Small Talk is talking about things everyone talks about. You can do it anywhere. At social gatherings, on the phone and even at the bus stop. Small talk has a name, it is called “chit chat,” and it is the key to success in speaking.

You get over your fear of speaking by preparing Small Talk. You practice at least three or four things to make Small Talk with. “Tell me about your family. Tell me about your vacation. Tell me about your job. How do you like this weather?”  Learn to make Small Talk and you will rule the world!  Well, maybe not but at least you will walk away from people feeling like you do.

Look at all the important people that you admire and respect. They talk. They don’t have to say much but when they do it sounds good. Small Talk connects you to people and them to you.

Fear of speaking is the number one problem with speaking. Fear of grammar rules  kills your desire to speak.  Speaking is what you must do if you are ever going to feel good about speaking. Studying grammar or going to class usually doesn’t work. Only speaking will do that. Make Small Talk the next time you meet someone. Don’t worry about mistakes. Small Talk lets you walk away feeling good. You’ll begin to say to yourself, “I am doing pretty good with my English.”

Small Talk gives you confidence in speaking. You’ll speak without fear. You will be in control. You’ll see all the things that have stopped you speaking go away. Learn to make Small Talk and see the change it makes in your ability to speak.