Life’s Great Moments

Have you had a moment in your life that you consider to be your greatest? For many people it is the birth of a child or finishing college. Other people  would say it was meeting that special someone. It might have been a vacation to some beautiful place or just some crazy thing you did. 

Even the less than greatest moments should be appreciated because life is to be enjoyed and not just endured. Like a river, our lives seem to twist, turn, rise and fall at many points along the way. Were it not for those special moments, many might feel that somehow life is not all that great. No one knows the future but for most there will be great moments to come. There are some things you need to consider along the way if you want to experience the very best moments in your life.

There are two things in life that you really need to get right or there will be hell to pay so to speak. First of all, “Who is God and who am I going to serve?” If you get this wrong and never change your mind, you will miss the greatest moment of your life.

The second thing to get right is “who do I marry?” You can fix almost every mistake you make in life. Got the wrong job? You can get another one. Wrong education?  Go back to school. Wrong town? Move to another one.

Many bad choices can be fixed without too much trouble. Believing in and serving the wrong God or marrying the wrong person are the two most difficult things in life to fix.

Great moments come from living a great life. Get “who is God in my life and the wife or husband thing right” and you are on your way to a lifetime of great moments.