The Power of the Word “No”

Why do some people have so much trouble? Why are they drowning in overwork, debt and problems? What has caused this? Whose fault is this? Stress begins when you say yes to too much responsibility. Constant multi-tasking=stress. Neglecting your own health=stress. No time for yourself=stress. All the result of not being able to say no.

How do you start making good decisions and get your life back? STOP being a yes person. Use these two simple rules when making decisions about anything.

Rule Number One: Don’t talk yourself into things. Don’t tell yourself something is right when you know it’s wrong. Take a deep breath. Step back. If you are still trying to convince yourself to do it, STOP. The answer should still be no if you know it’s a bad decision.

Rule Number Two: Don’t say yes to things when you mean no. How many times have you said yes to something that you should have said no to? The world won’t end if you say no. People will try to change your mind but let your no be no.

Saying no to yourself is really the hardest part. You have to say no to things you don’t need or can’t afford and many other things. Saying yes to things has caused most of the stress in your life. It’s time to STOP.

Stop talking yourself into things.  This has been one of your biggest problems. The Bible says in Matthew 5:37 “ Say just a simple ‘Yes, I will’ or ‘No, I won’t.’ Your word is enough.”

Think of the times you said yes to something you really should have said no to and regretted it. Saying no when you meant no instead of yes would have been the right thing. Be strong because this habit is not easily broken.

Life was not meant to be full of stress, trouble and problems. Live by these two simple rules and experience the Power of the Word No. It is the most powerful word in every language.