Learning to Fight Back

Learning to fight back is everything if you want to be a winner. Life is a fight. It is not a walk in the park but more like a walk through the jungle. Your everyday life is sometimes a jungle. You are often seen as an intruder there and you maybe treated like one.

Learning to work and co-exist with other people in this jungle will be your greatest challenge. It will be the key to your success in everything. Find your arena, like Mayflower and McGregor and fight back if you want to win. Stop being lazy, passionless and a victim of your circumstances and environment. This will destroy your sense of purpose.

People have their own agendas. They may not be into your agenda. Many are not your fans or supporters. They may even be your enemy. Everyone has enemies even Superheroes. Batman has the Joker. Superman has Lex Luther. Luke Skywalker has Darth Vader.

We may not be a Superhero but we all have our enemies. The biggest enemy for most of us is not people but insignificance. We are not special to many people and they treat us as someone unimportant. They do not value or esteem us highly.

We need to blame ourselves for this not them. We have taught them how to treat us because often there is no fight in us. It’s time to change the battle plan. Learn to fight for significance in a world that treats almost no one special. Be the best person you can be in everything. This will make you special. This will give you significance.

Be the best father, mother, husband, wife, employee, employer, student, teacher or friend you can be. It will take work, time, tears and pain. You will get knocked down but never knocked out.

Get up! Fight back! Stand up for yourself! Let everyone know that you are a very special person. Inspire! Motivate! Challenge! People you meet have enemies too. Teach them to fight back against insignificance. Look your enemies in the face and fight back. Be consistent. Expect to win.

Above all, be grateful for whatever is your enemy. It gives you a reason and a purpose to get out of bed in the morning. Meet the challenge with a smile and fight back!