4 Stages of Life

There are four stages or seasons of life just like there are four seasons in a year: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Most of us will spend time in all four of these stages and experience the joys and triumphs that come with each of these distinct and different time periods.

To get the most out of living, you need to understand these seasons and see where you are at the present time.

Stage One begins when you are born. This stage is called Imitation. You are your mother and father’s child. You learn to talk, think and act like them. You imitate them.  That continued until you became a teenager.

Then something happened. You were not just your parent’s child anymore. You had your own ideas. You wanted to be your own person. Stage One known as Imitation was ending for you.

Stage Two, is called Discovery. You start to think about what you want to do with your life. You try many things. Some things work. Most don’t. Who cares? You are on a journey to discover YOURSELF.

Like Stage One, this stage ends as well. In your late twenties or early thirties it should come to a close. You are ready for the next big step.

This next stage is called Commitment. You know who you are now and what you want out of life. You are ready to put that to work. Self-Discovery is over.

You commit your life to someone else. You buy stuff together. You have kids. You put your heart into it and it works. This is the stage that will make the next and final stage of your life so awesome.

The final and most rewarding stage is called Legacy. You worked hard. Accomplished a lot. You have a lot to be remembered for and leave for your children and grandchildren. The Stage of Legacy is a time of looking back and rejoicing in the goodness of God.

Of all the stages of life, the Stage of Discovery is the most dangerous for you. Like many of your friends, you may want to stay there. You can get stuck in a life of self-discovery that never ends. This will stop you from being what you could have been. Don’t live in an endless NOW. There is a future. Embrace it.

Whatever Stage of Life you are in, God is there to help you. “For I know the plans I have for you,” says the LORD. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.”