Great Things Take Time

A desire for greatness in your life will determine your destiny. Most people have the natural ability to be great. They were born with abilities that are God given and not learned or taught. These abilities are often more important than the ones gained by study and practice.

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The Gift of Pressure

Success like everything else in life has to have a plan of action that produces it and makes it happen. You cannot be successful staying in your comfort zone. You need pressure to force you to a higher level of living and performance.

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Finding a Treasure

Millions of people are searching for that person they call Mr. or Ms Right. A unique kind of person that many would describe as a treasure. Unfortunately,  many people waste their lives searching but they find nothing but frustration and disappointment. The question remains, “Why can’t I find this person?”

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When Optimism is Dangerous

Optimism is an essential part of a successful life. It gives you hope. It makes you confident and helps you go through hard times. It encourages you and helps you to overcome your problems. It allows you to see the opportunities in every problem rather than problems in every opportunity.

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The Gift of Money

Your attitude toward money will determine your destiny and purpose in life. Money itself is not a bad thing but the love of money always is. You can have a lot of money and still be poor in everything that matters.

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Great Heart, Dimitar Peshev

In the darkest hours of World War II, it seemed that the light of hope had gone out for the Jews in Europe. The German war machine was rounding up, deporting and killing the Jews in the gas chambers of Treblinka, Auschwitz and others in Poland and other countries.

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The Gift of Work

Work is a gift from our creator because without it we would spend our lives being lazy and unproductive. Work gives us an opportunity to develop our skills, creativity and passion. Find something you are passionate about and do it with your whole heart.

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“That’s Just Not Me”

Often you hear people say, “that is just not me” when they refuse to take a job someone offers them or they quit a job they already have. There is something that just doesn’t fit their plan of how things should be and they quit or never start.

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Rabbi Daniel Zion Holocaust Hero

There were many heroes among the Jewish people that did all they could to save their people during the Holocaust. However, it was the Nazis that controlled virtually everything pertaining to the Jews and they determined the fate of millions. The tragic result of this was the death of 6 million Jews in the death camps.

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